Thank you for 100 Open Stores!

Thank You for Helping Us Get to 100 Open Stores

Today at CBD Plus USA, we’re celebrating a special occasion. With the opening of the Keller, Texas location over the weekend, we now have 100 open stores across the nation.

We have done a great deal of leading in our industry. Because of our start in 2017, we began in the CBD market at one of its lowest stages of notoriety. Since the very first store, we have campaigned to bring awareness of the lifestyle benefits that CBD can bring.

Striving to Live Our Best Lives

Since our genesis in late 2017, CBD Plus USA has had to goal: strive to provide both a “farm-to-table” product and comprehensive cannabinoid education for both employees and customers. With over 50 stores in Oklahoma and now 100 nationwide, CBD Plus USA has set its sights on scalability since day one. The company founder, Ryan Vicedomini, started with the goal of “a better product at a better price.” Executive Vice President Jake Chilcoat signed on early—with Matt Baker joining as president in October 2018—both bringing a wealth of experience that has helped the company expand.

Growing the Community with Each Open Store

Once it became apparent that we were going to keep growing at such a quick pace, we knew that focusing on internal education would effect change at the grassroots level. We now organize a monthly training course for employees and franchise owners. For a full week, we educate them on Product Knowledge, Bioavailability & Dosing, Basic Cannabis Botany, Basic Human Anatomy, the Endocannabinoid System, Leadership, among a litany of other essential classes.

Through extensive internal training, our franchise owners can take that knowledge and use it to help their communities. We believe that we can enhance our communities with our expertise on CBD. Sharing our knowledge will lead others to question the stigma about CBD. Additionally, shedding light on the matter by teaching others how CBD works is how we overcome stigma.

With direct interaction, we have managed to integrate CBD Plus USA with such a wide variety of communities across the country. Our strategies have always centered around identifying what each individual is looking for, then helping them achieve those results.

100 CBD Plus USA stores are now teaching people that self-care can be different.

Celebrating 100 Communities Learning that Self-Care Can Be Different

We test all of our hemp-derived products so that you know what you are buying. Navigate to our Labs page to find out more. CBD Plus USA carries a variety of all-natural, hemp-derived products. Our CBD exceeds the industry standard of quality as we produce carefully extracted, pesticide-free, and non-GMO products. For more information about our products, visit the Products page on our website. Also, follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our promotions.

Live your best life with CBD Plus USA!