6 Ways CBD Fits Your Lifestyle

Fitting CBD Into Your Lifestyle

Throughout the CBD industry, you’ll find a variety of CBD lifestyle products. These wellness products incorporate with ease into a wide range of lifestyles. Those of you focusing on self-care will find uses for CBD in abundance. Consider this page your guide for CBD products with application information and intake estimates. 

1. Capsules

For when you want to treat CBD as a supplement. Ingestion ranks as the slowest, but the longest-lasting method for CBD. First, the stomach spends time digesting oral supplements before the CBD can enter the bloodstream. Once taken, the CBD effects peak between 1-6 hours. The classic capsule can be swallowed with a glass of water.

That said, stay aware that all digested items must first metabolize through the liver. When metabolized, delta 9 THC can convert into a potent intoxicant. Mind the supplement information when considering Full Spectrum CBD products, which contain trace amounts of THC.  

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2. Gummies

Gummies tie with capsules for the slowest absorption period. Their effects peak between 1-6 hours after consumption. Gummies and other edibles can yield longer-lasting effects than other options. Not only does each person react in different ways to each CBD amount, but also each edible type. Consumers should consult the supplement information on the packaging of their edibles before ingesting.

Gummies are excellent for treating self-care like a snack. Rewarding yourself during the day helps for staying motivated.

3. Tinctures

One of the most versatile methods for a CBD intake. It can take between half an hour to 2 hours to begin feeling the effects of cannabis oils. Peak effectiveness hits between 1-6 hours. Place a drop under your tongue before bed for a good night’s sleep. You can also add CBD to food, but doing so may change its absorption rate. You can drop a bit of CBD oil into your afternoon tea. Drip a little bit into your coffee before you rush out the door in the morning. You can even sprinkle it into your food. 

Additionally, Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, which means they break down quicker in fat than any other solvent. This property is why extracting CBD with MCT oil provides a higher bioavailability.

4. Topicals

CBD also provides for a more active lifestyle. Topical creams allow the user to absorb effects through the skin. Once these skincare products blend into the epidermis (top layers of the skin), they can target localized areas. Topical creams never enter the bloodstream. Instead, they spread across the top few layers of the skin. Subdermal creams are how CBD enters the bloodstream through a cream.

Keeping an easy-to-grab supply of our CBD Hot Cream can save you a metaphorical headache when you’re outdoors.

5. Pet Food

Useful for when your pet wants to start living their best life.

When trying a new type of food for your pet, always start with a small change first. Your pet obviously can not give thorough feedback on how they feel. So start small to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

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6. Vaping

When you tell someone about CBD, the chances are high that they think you mean vaping. It is a trendy method of CBD for a reason. Compared to smoking cigarettes, vaping looks attractive as an alternative. Vaporizing CBD can replace cigarettes in the smoker’s lifestyle, bringing all the benefits of CBD without the potential adverse effects of tobacco. 

The CBD vapor enters the bloodstream through the lungs, bypassing the liver. This method speeds up the process of taking CBD. Levels in the body peak at around the five-minute mark and end after 3 hours.