A Real Life Story – How CBD Has Helped Pets Fighting Cancer

cbd for pets

Blake was shattered finding his beloved Lucy was ill, especially when the vet diagnosed her with cancer. But he made up his mind and started searching for supplements that would heal her pain and stop the cancer from spreading. He contacted CBD Plus and asked for CBD for pets. We were happy to help him as it showed his unconditional love and affection for his pet.

Before you buy CBD for your pet’s cancer, first understand what cancer is and what the symptoms are. It is an abnormal cell growth and cells turn carcinogenic resulting in normal cell destruction. The entire process hinders normal functionalities of the body. This is not a single disease, rather a collection of diseases. Cancer accounts for 47 percent of diseased dogs’ deathes.

Generally, skin, mammary gland, head and neck, lymphoma, testicles, malignant abdominal tumors and bone cancers are mostly found in dogs. Treating this disease for dogs is much like that of human, it includes chemotherapy, radiation, medicines or a combination of all.

Risks of Chemotherapy

Blake had taken Lucy for chemotherapy and she started losing her fur. She started to become frail and fragile. Suffering after each of the chemotherapy cycles. She started vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and loss of appetite showed up gradually. Adding to this, her white blood cell count dropped, hair thinned, skin irritations came up along with inflammations etc. All these made Blake search for an alternative and he started reading reviews of CBD for pets.

cbd for pets

CBD and Pet Cancer

CBD helps in managing cancer symptoms and heals some of the side-effects of the treatment process, especially chemotherapy. For example, if it is applied to the pet after chemotherapy, it stimulates the endocannabinoid system and manages pain and inflammation. It also helps to reduce any vomiting tendencies or nausea and increases appetite. Lucy improved a lot after using it. 

cbd for pets

CBD Fights Cancerous Cell Growth

Though the studies are in the preliminary stages, this is being highly used. In many cases, this component has shown its result positively, for example, Lucy. The CBD extracts have anti-tumor properties and it can stop malignant cell growth. It slows cancer growth and heals the vulnerable cells under influence of chemotherapeutic drugs. The highly recognized agency WHO has accepted it as a way to treat cancer as CBD for pets has shown really good results.

If your pet is in trouble, come to CBD Plus to get this all natural remedy. Blake was astounded at its effects on Lucy. Do not wait, free your pet from these intolerable sufferings.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.