Anxiety Treatment with CBD – Possible?

CBD Benefits anxiety

It was surveyed by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, that more than 18% of the U.S. population suffer from an anxiety disorder each year. Generally, anxiety disorders are treated with psychotherapy and medicine, but now many people have found a worthy alternative i.e. CBD oil. Research into cannabis and cannabidiol published in 2018 stated that 62% of patients are using CBD products for pain, depression and anxiety.

Let us discuss the CBD benefits for anxiety. Here are just a few;

  • It provides a calming effect for a disrupted mind.

  • The individual can relax the mind.

  • Sleeping habits can be improved.

  • As a result, mood will be better.

  • Less distracting thoughts.

  • Less dependency on antidepressant and antianxiety medication.

A study about the CBD benefits for anxiety said that CBD is as effective as valium and it does not have any side-effects. It is also beneficial for preparing the body before an intense workout. In 2015, a journal called Neurotherapeutics published that according to feedback from patients, CBD has effectively reduced their symptoms for anxiety, pain, traumatic stress disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, panic and many others. A recent study from 2018, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, stated that the harmful symptoms of diseases can be controlled with the use of CBD.

CBD Benefits anxiety

How CBD Works for Anxiety

It is still under research to know how CBD helps with anxiety and depression. Based on the research, it has been found that CBD’s effect as antianxiety is a result of actions on the 5-HT1A receptors of the serotonergic system. The impact of CBD on a poorly functioning endocannabinoid system is notable. This is what makes the difference.

CBD Benefits anxiety


Generally, people take CBD as a vapor or tincture. These are the two fastest methods of getting relief from an ailment. One inhalation at a time works well for most people. For tincture, it is better to start with a low dose and increase if needed. There is another option to get CBD in capsules as well. Just make sure the dose of the capsule is small to start out with.

CBD Benefits anxiety

In order for CBD products to work well on your physical and mental ailments, the treatment needs to be authentic. So that you do not get low quality products from con companies, you should go to a reputable seller. We are CBD Plus and have CBD stores in Dallas, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and many other places. You can search us online or can visit our stores directly to get original products.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.