CBD Benefits on Cancer Patients – How Does It Help

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CBD has shown its support for stabilizing anxiety sufferers and helps to reduce seizures for epileptic patients. It can also be of assistance to some neurodegenerative disturbances (diseases that cause a deterioration of the brain and nerves over time). Studies are in fact also beginning to show us various benefits for patients who are fighting cancer from medical cannabis.

CBD Considered a Complementary Therapy

Most available evidence suggests that the treatment of CBD and cannabis can benefit cancer patients. CBD can assist cancer patients by:

Appetite Stimulation

  • CBD oil may help to deal with cancer.

  • Nausea and loss of appetite occur to many people who undergo cancer treatment.

  • These symptoms can make maintaining a healthy weight difficult for them.

  • Ingested cannabis which supplies blood cannabinoids may contribute to appetite stimulation, but there is no evidence for this effect to be achieved by CBD alone.

Pain Reliever

Cancer can lead to pain as well as its treatment. Cancer often causes pain as a result of inflammation, internal organ pressure, or nerve damage. If it is severe, opioids that are potent relievers can even become resistant.

CBD acts indirectly on the receptors of CB2, which can help reduce inflammation in the widespread relief of pain. THC affects the CB1 receptors, which can help with nerve damage pain.


Cannabis and cannabinoids, such as CBD, can help cancer patients, particularly with chemotherapy that regularly get nausea and vomiting.

However, THC seems to have an anti-nausea effect rather than CBD in cannabis. Cannabis users who want to try to reduce nausea should prepare themselves for and discuss with the doctor possible psychoactive effects of THC on cannabis prescribed.

Methods of CBD Oil Consumption

CBD oil can be used by cancer patients to experience the advantages of CBD in a variety of ways. Unless methods are followed properly, one cannot expect benefits from CBD for cancer. CBD oil should first be kept under a tongue so that it can be properly absorbed into the mouth before it is swallowed, most frequently orally ingested as paste/drop. If this step has been skipped, the digestive system breaks down some of the CBD and reduces its efficacy.

Some people prefer to use a CBD vaporizer or inhaler as it very effectively transfers the CBD into the system. Capsules, mouth strips and food such as rubbers and chocolates also provide other forms of taking CBD oil. Another option is to use a lotion, cream, baking, or patch topically for patients who are difficult to ingest CBD oil. All of it depends on what the patient is able to handle and how the CBD is most effective for them.

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**Disclaimer: The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.