CBD Oil – An Excellent Way to Manage Pain

Sadly, pain is a human condition. Everyone felt pain at least once in a lifetime from one trip or fall, or a more serious accident or an underlying condition, or something else. Pain is always annoying. People today are looking for alternative methods to treat their pains and aches, because of the long list of drawbacks for over-the-counter medicines. CBD oil is being used more and more precisely for this issue, but how does that work?

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Causes of Pain

However, our bodies did not perfect for thousands of years of evolution, and things sometimes go wrong. There can be constant pain and inflammation in certain conditions, if it is not necessary, which can do more harm than good.

Things which contribute to causing pain are:

  • Prior injuries

  • Surgeries

  • Auto-immune conditions

  • Treatments for illnesses like cancer

  • Arthritis

  • Nerve damage

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Endometriosis

Of course, chronic pain can be caused by several other things. Pain, if it lasts for 12 or more weeks, is considered chronic.


Chronic pain, including over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen, is extremely common in pains. However, medicines like these aren't exactly good for you. Alternative pain therapy for pain-related injured people, arthritis, and other types of chronic pain such as hemp oil have been promising.

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How CBD Works

Medical science was until recently little aware of the endocannabinoid system and how CBD and THC are attached to brains to perform their effects in the body. At least two receptors interact to produce the effects we have used to on cannabis compounds. THC attaches to CB1 receptor for a euphoric feeling known for marijuana and CBD, which does not contain a psychoactive component, attaches to the CB2 receptor and counteracts, among other things, the effects of the CB1 receptor and helps the body manage pain.

CBD has a strong impact on neuropathic pain used as the medication for pain, which is nerve pain and may be caused by nerve injuries in the periphery. CBD activates several pathways that alleviate pain by activating CB2 receptors, leading to long-term management of conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia, and MS.

Some research suggests that the use of glycerol receptors, part of the central nervous system, in various parts of the brain and spinal cord, also alleviates pain. Increasing inflammatory factors can deactivate these receptors if a person has chronic pain leading to greater feelings of pain, but with CBD, they can be reactivated.

Benefits of Using CBD

CBD oil has traditionally been used for thousands of years by people for different types of pain but only recently did the medical community start to re-examine it.

  • It relaxes Muscles

  • Controls Neuropathic Pain

  • It reduces inflammation

  • It is non - psychotropic

  • Decreases Pain Hypersensitivity

  • Makes sleep better

  • Relieves from anxiety

  • Uplifts Depression

CBD oil is very versatile and fits perfectly into any medical system. It can be ingested or used topically. It can also be used on foods and drinks, and it calms your joints and muscles the same way. CBD is certainly a welcome change for anyone who wants to avoid pills.

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**Disclaimer: The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.