CBD Oil and Its Unusual Benefits

CBD in the cannabis plant is one of many compounds called cannabinoids. Investigators examined the possibility of the therapeutic use of CBD. CBD oils vary in concentration of cannabinoid and use. CBD oil is also different from hemp oil because not the seeds, but flowers, leaves and hemp stalks are used to extract them.

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Pain Reliever and Anti-inflammatory

People tend to be using over-the-counter or prescription medicines to alleviate rigidity and pain including chronic pain. Some think CBD and Hemp provide a more natural alternative use hemp oil for a pain reliever. Authors from the Journal of Experimental Medicine study found that CBD has significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pains in some mice and rats. They suggest that a new treatment for chronic pain could be offered with the non-psychoactive compounds of marijuana such as CBD.

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Anti-Cancer Properties

Some scientists found that CBD can be proof of cancer control. CBD's significant contribution to cancer prevention has been found by the authors of the review, published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The investigators also observed that the compound tends to suppress the growth and destruction of cancer cells. They noted that the toxicity of CBD is low. Their potential as an accompaniment to standard cancer treatments was called for further research.

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Helps in Anxiety

Doctors often advise avoiding cannabis to people with chronic anxieties, as THC can blow up anxiety and paranoia. Authors of the Neurotherapeutics review, however, concluded that CBD benefits anxiety and depression in individuals with related disorders. The review says CBD can help people in PTSD, general anxiety, social anxiety or OCD.

Stress Relief

Many problems today are caused by oxidative stress. When the organism has too many free radicals and cannot keep up with neutralization (with antioxidants), oxidative stress occurs. It's more a problem now than before because our environment is much more toxic than it used to be. The 2010 study shows that the antioxidant effect of CBD oils and the neurologic properties of CBD are found in another study. CBD can, therefore, reduce free-radical neurological damage.

Skin Condition

CBD oil can be used to treat skin conditions topically. Studies have shown that CBD oil has a high potential to treat abnormal cell death skin conditions, such as eczema. It can also help regulate the production of skin oil and reduce acne. CBD also contains many nutrients such as vitamin E that contribute to skin improvement and protection.

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