CBD Oil for Epilepsy: Thumbs Up or Down?


If you are still hesitant to use CBD for mental disorders and other painful diseases, you should learn that CBD is solely different from marijuana. The cannabis plant has two types, the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. Hemp is a different plant altogether and is only used for the medicinal values it possess. CBD oil is derived from this plant. The content of THC that makes a person high is not present in CBD products; therefore, you will not get the reaction of marijuana from CBD.

Disorders for which CBD is very effective are pain-related diseases and mental diseases including anxiety, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, seizures and many others. Regarding CBD, scientists have researched a lot and come to the conclusion that CBD oil will not make you high, rather it has several properties that relieve patients of certain diseases.


A study in 2013 surveyed children suffering from epilepsy. They tried Cannabidiol-enriched products on those children when anti-epileptic medication failed. 16 out of 19 (84 percent) children reported to being extremely benefitted from CBD in Tennessee. While two of them (11 percent) reported being completely free from epilepsy. In another study in 2014 it was proven that the plant-based or exogenous cannabinoids can prevent seizures and neurodegeneration. In 2016 again, cannabidiol was implemented and in 81.3 percent of cases epilepsy convulsions were reduced, in 51 percent symptoms were remarkably reduced and 16 percent of them became free from the disease.

There are not only study reports, there is also scientific reasons for how cannabidiol works on epilepsy and seizures. Basically, medical cannabis contains anticonvulsant properties. There are 85 different chemical compounds named as cannabinoids. Medical cannabis is low in THC. This is the principal fact that differs marijuana from hemp or medical cannabis. These properties work together with different targets. The calcium ion channels, glutamate receptors antagonists, the GATA system and the sodium ion channels are targeted by the properties to work on. The neurotransmitter is affected by the anticonvulsants and it gets attached to the neurons. Thus, the malfunction can be prevented or at least the symptoms and severity can be reduced. 

CBD Tennessee

No matter whether you reside in Oklahoma or Tennessee, you can get CBD online or from stores. Medical cannabis is absolutely legal in all states. But, make sure that the seller of the product is genuine; otherwise, it will not have the same effect as the original medicine. You can get in touch with CBD Plus to collect the CBD oil. Consult with a doctor to check the dosage before use.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.