CBD Oil for Natural Pain Management

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Does a tear roll from your eye when you change your posture? Is it difficult to stand for only ten minutes? If lying on the bed sends a shock through your spine, you need treatment. Lower back pain, arthritis pain and even migraines can come into your life due to a hectic lifestyle and food habits. No matter what the reason is, pain relief often takes a lot of time.

If you feel like something is squeezing your bone, joints are not in your control or a migraine continuously hits your brain, you can opt for natural pain management. You may be currently using a conventional painkiller, but there are other pain remedies. Before gulping down more pills, learn how they can affect you and how the alternatives help.

Conventional painkillers can cause serious short-term and long-term health issues. They block your brain’s pain receptor or directly affect associated nerves, and in the short term you can suffer from nausea, vomiting, etc. In the long term, you may become addicted to and dependent on the drugs, but natural pain management, especially CBD oil, is free from all these negative side-effects.


You have likely heard of CBD oil from a colleague or your morning walk companion. Whatever the reason behind your pain, CBD oil can cure it completely. Sleep disorders, poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, arthritis, poor curvature of the spine or an accident can cause pain in muscles or bones. CBD oil applied in the right manner can stop pain growth gradually, allowing you to eventually return to normal life.

How Does the Oil Work?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has almost 60 compounds that are known as cannabinoids. These components stimulate the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, of the human body, which gradually help root out pain and insomnia and boost the immune system. CBD stops the absorption of anandamide, which is known for regulating pain, thus encouraging the body to produce more.

Different Types of Pain and Relief

Chronic pain: In the pharmaceutical world, this natural pain management option is the first choice due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CBD oil, when rubbed on the muscle that is tense or sore, starts to interact with brain receptors. When the receptors, which are tiny proteins involved with the cell, receive signals from different stimuli, they start to respond. That is how the oil helps cure chronic pain.

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Joint pain: According to studies and real-life examples, 0.32 to 0.6 milligrams of CBD oil applied daily for four consecutive days stops arthritis and joint pain.

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Neuropathic pain: CBD oil, a well-known natural pain management remedy, can free you from neuropathic pain caused by disease, an accident or damage to the nervous system. The abnormal sensation known as dysesthesia causes a feeling of prickling, stabbing or burning. This abnormality can directly affect the spinal cord, leading to chronic pain. Sometimes the pain goes away on its own, but there are a very few examples of this happening. When used for neuropathic pain management, CBD oil targets the brain and stimulates the receptors. Gradually, it completely relieves the pain.

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According to studies, CBD oil has a few side effects, but these do not stay for long. They include sudden nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, diarrhea or change in appetite. This natural pain management solution is still not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, so be careful about the dosage.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.