Hemp and Cannabis: The Facts You Should Know!

hemp oil for pain

Pain is always a dominant factor behind your mood swings, irritation, reluctance and discomfort. When the pain is severe for chronic diseases, it becomes unbearable. The swelling, intolerable pain and incapability of moving around normally make a person depressed. Painkillers are there to reduce pain momentarily, but it has a long-lasting effect in the body. Excessive intake of painkillers can harm the bodies immunity and damage nervous system, cause loss of appetite, and many others side effects. Therefore, you should always search for something that can reduce your pain without any side-effects.

You must have heard of hemp oil for pain. Did you ever think of using it? If you are hesitating because of the ‘high feeling’ of cannabis oil, you should know some facts and the basic difference between these two.

What Is Hemp Oil?

When you are using hemp oil for pain, don’t ever fear becoming addicted to marijuana. Yes, the hemp oil and cannabis oil both belong to the marijuana family, but there is no direct connection of hemp oil with the effects of marijuana. It is totally safe to use and there is no chance of becoming high or being addicted to it. How does hemp oil differ from cannabis? Continue reading for more information.

hemp oil for pain

The Basic Area of Difference

As both hemp oil and Cannabis oil come from the cannabis plant, people think they have the same effect in our bodies. This a myth. Cannabis and hemp oil have two different compounds and the effects of these two are completely different. Hemp oil is used for the medicinal CBD oil to reduce pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation etc., whereas the cannabis, having a different compound is used for recreational purpose.

Same Species: Where the Confusion Begins

Basically, the scientific name of Cannabis and hemp are same, Cannabis Sativa L. This is where most people misunderstand hemp as Cannabis. It is the same species used for different expressions. While making recreational marijuana, the leaves of cannabis plants are dried up and mixed with other components, but the hemp oil has a different compound only with medicinal values.

hemp oil for pain

The Appearance of Two Different Plants: A Prominent Difference

Hemp oil belongs to the marijuana family, but it is a different plant altogether. If you look at the plants, you can easily differentiate between the two. Marijuana is a short and bushy plant, and hemp is more like a bamboo tree, skinny and tall. The leaves of Cannabis are darker in color, rough and wide whereas, hemp has smooth long leaves.

Finally, the Content of THC

Now to look at the main component. THC or the Tetrahydrocannabinol plays an important role here. In marijuana, that is used for recreational purposes, the compound of THC is prominent and that is the main ingredient to relax the nerves and make one ‘high’. Whereas, hemp oil for pain does not contain THC. Therefore, you will not get high if you use hemp oil. You can also use it for other purposes like medicine for pain and inflammation, skin care products, food, clothing etc.

Cannabis is farmed in many places, but it is not legal to trade for recreational purposes. Hemp oil is encouraged to be framed for it’s huge medicinal value. Get authentic hemp oil from CBD Plus.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.