Hemp and CBD: Are They Same?

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There are several studies on CBD and hemp, numerous myths and some facts. After proving that CBD oil is completely different from marijuana, an addictive and psychoactive product, people still mix up the two. There is also another product called hemp. After discussions about CBD vs Marijuana, it is important to discuss CBD vs. Hemp. People barely ever use these two terms when buying CBD lotion for sale, they use the terms cannabis oil and marijuana oil instead. The strategies of many companies that are CBD Stores in Dallas make people more confused about the different compounds of cannabis. Here is clear and simple information on the two compounds, to make the notion more clear.

What Is Hemp Oil?

It is manufactured from a plant called hemp. The oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. The same type of oil can be extracted from any plant that has cannabis genes, but in saying this, hemp oil can only be made of hemp seeds. When produced industrially, the psychoactive features remain minimal in the product.

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The Usage of Hemp Oil

There are thousands of benefits of hemp oil and there is a wide range of uses. Some of the most prominent ones are described below:

●        You can use it for cooking purposes. The nutrients present in the oil help make a crispy structure and provide an extra taste to the food. It has no side-effects and can also be used in the salads as an alternative of olive oil.

●        You can use it for soothing your skin right after washing. The natural ingredients help to moisturize your skin.

●        It is used in eco-friendly paints. It is safer for the environment than petroleum-based paints.

●        It is widely used to make soaps, lotions and food as well.

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What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol oil. This is a 100 percent natural oil made of industrial cannabis or hemp. With the significant content of cannabidiol, the CBD oil is created. The flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp, excluding the seeds (like Hemp oil) are used to make this oil. Products like CBD lotion, which you can find for sale, are as widely used as medical marijuana. The reason for its popularity is its effectiveness without any intoxicating impact.

The Usage

As said before this is mainly used for medical purposes. Here are some of its prominent usages:

●        For treating Cancer

●        The anti-inflammatory property of the oil is effective in curing pain and inflammation.

●        Mental disorders like anxiety, seizures, depressions and other neurodegenerative disorders are treated with CBD oil.

●        It has also proven a noteworthy contribution in helping with Epilepsy.

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Concluding, it can be said that hemp and marijuana, though made from cousin plants, produce different products. The marijuana plant has high THC levels, for which the compounds used for recreational purposes, are addicting and psychoactive in nature. On the other hand, hemp is a completely different plant. Before you get CBD or Hemp oil from any CBD Store in Dallas, consult a doctor for the dosage needed and make sure you buy from an authentic store like CBD Plus. You do not want to buy the wrong product from a fraudulent seller and suffer the ill effects.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.