How Might CBD Oil Help with Melanoma?

CBD Cancer Benefits

The most common type of cancer is skin cancer. Melanoma can even cause death and is the most severe kind of skin disease. Each year, about 80,000 patients are diagnosed with this disease in the United States.

Scientists begin to ask if cannabis can respond to the need for further treatments. Leading causes of melanoma are UV ray exposure of sun and tanning beds although genetics or specific medication or chemicals are also influencing factors.

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How It Develops

Ultraviolet rays may result in a mutation in the DNA in cells that lead to cancer cell growth. Although it can also occur in non-exposed areas of the body, melanoma mostly appears in the UV exposed areas of a body. When skin cells start to change, they turn dark and create odd shapes on the skin. Cancer can metastasize in other body parts when left untreated. In cases in which cancer is already spreading, the current treatment of melanoma is removing it surgically at the earliest stages and chemotherapy.

Detect Melanoma

Unlike a common skin mole, a cancerous melanoma mole looks different. Non-cancerous moles generally are round; color is uniform. On the other hand, melanoma moles are asymmetrical in shape, and have uneven and irregular borders. Color is not uniform having some darker parts than others. They often are larger in size than an average mole.

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Using Cannabinoids

This is quite an old suggestion that cannabinoids have cancer-fighting agents. Although many studies still need to be done, especially in the field of human cancer, there is growing evidence that cannabinoids are useful. Now more research is running worldwide to know about cancer benefits of CBD.

Apoptosis – Cell Repair Process

There is a process known as Autophagy in which cells break apart themselves to remove damaged parts inside. Apoptosis is a cell break down process or ‘cell suicide.’ It is seen that THC and CBD both are supportive of these two processes.

Although this is a current study on cannabinoids’ effect on melanoma, there is much more research to be done in this field. Cannabinoids were identified by researchers in 2006 as being able to take care of melanoma. In the past, receptor cells of melanoma cells were found for CB1 and CB2. Such receptors are the THC binding places in a human body. Activated receptors can slow down melanoma growth.

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Cannabis Oil Treatment

Although evidence is most often anecdotal, in addition to these scientific studies there is additional evidence for cannabinoids' potential effectiveness to treat melanoma. On the internet, you can get many reports where patients use CBD oil for cancer benefits, which are often very successful.

However, it is not easy to treat yourself with CBD oil and associated products because of not enough established medical evidence. No real data on recommended dosages are available today, or for how many days such treatment is to continue. The product quality, its ingredients and how they can act as chemotherapy alternative are other vital questions which must be answered.

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Cannabis as such cannot be a therapy until further scientific evidence is available. The prohibition on marijuana that continues today in several countries does not help progress on the ground correctly. For now, only anecdotal evidence is allowed for patients. It is expected that further progress will be made with more research into the effectiveness of cannabis in human cancer, as well as in policies to fully accept CBD as medicine. Now you can find CBD in our Plano, Texas store near Dallas under certain conditions. For the right location visit the locations page on our website.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.