Is It Legal to Use CBD Oil in Texas?

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CBD Oil or cannabidiol oil that is extracted from cannabis has health benefits (for example, Pain relief, inflammatory relief, anxiety control and epilepsy treatment) without the psychoactive marijuana effect. Although CBD Oil's popularity increases significantly, the product is still unregulated by the U.S. FDA, resulting in vast differences in components and quality of the product. Depending on federal and state laws, and interpretation by State and Health Code enforcement agencies, the variety of ingredients and compounding methods can have significant consequences for consumers. Therefore, it will be relevant to discuss the legal status of CBD oil in Fort Worth and Dallas as these two cities show rising demand of this botanical product.

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Federal Law

The 2014 Farm Bill has a little tolerance to the states which are experimenting with industrial hemp and it does not fall into the Controlled Substances Act. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act is an amendment of the Controlled Substances Act. It excludes Industrial Hemp which is defined as any part of the Cannabis sativa plant that does not exceed a THC concentration of 0.3%. In 2016, there was an announcement by the Drug Enforcement Agency, according to which CBD oil is considered a Schedule I drug as its sources are the same, i.e. the same plant part containing THC. But CBD manufacturers claim that CBD can also be extracted from non-intoxicating parts of the Cannabis sativa plant.

To be legal under federal law, CBD oil should abide by the DEA’s regulations which says it must consist solely of parts of the cannabis plant excluded from the Controlled Substances Act definition of marijuana. The Controlled Substances Act has another definition for marijuana as the mature stalks of the plant or fiber produced from the stalks as well as preparations of the mature stalks.

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Is It Legal?

There a few states where recreational marijuana is legal. The states are Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, California, Maine, DC, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont. In 29 States marijuana is legal under certain conditions for medical use regardless of the THC source content. CBD is also regarded as legitimate under these laws. CBD Oil is also likely to be illegal in states which have not made marijuana legal, but that may be changing.

Legality in Texas

CBD is legal in Texas when used for a medical purpose with low-THC content. The Compassionate Use Act of 2015 allows "low-THC cannabis" having 0.5% THC for epileptic patients. Physicians can make marijuana recommendations to their patients, but the Compassionate Use Act requires registry,  prescription, and the patient must have used and found two FDA-approved drugs ineffective.

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The Penalty for Illegally Possessing THC and CBD Oil in Texas

If you own CBD oil with THC trace in Texas without sufficient permission, you may be held for a Controlled Substance Possessor Criminality Group 2 criminal offense, which (depends on the weight in grams) may be punished from six months to 20 + years in a state prison facility and the fine is no more than $10,000.

You cannot deny the fact that while buying CBD products you need to be assured about the source. Therefore, choosing an authentic store plays a critical role here. We have our stores open for CBD oil in Fort Worth and Dallas. Visit our official page for store locations.

**Disclaimer : The content above does not create a healthcare provider-patient relationship nor intends to offer medical advice.