CBD Plus USA Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Shopping Can Be Different

Late fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in the U.S. The green, summer leaves transform into brilliant, orangish-red autumn colors. We start eating the best food, and everyone seems so excited to see as much of each other as they can before winter arrives. But of course, late fall also means the biggest holidays of the year, including Black Friday. 

Now that Black Friday is upon us, the holiday stress may start building up. Getting caught up in organizing family events, competitive shopping, or the 5 p.m. sunset can wear down even the most resilient of us. For that reason, self-care is more important than ever during November and December.

Take Care While Shopping on Black Friday

In the interest of both self-care and holiday spirit, every CBD Plus USA store is offering discounts for Black Friday in a range of 40-60% off select wellness products. Every store will provide the same deals except for the Tennessee locations. Tennessee stores will discount all products 10% off plus other deals.

Check out our list below for the CBD Plus USA Black Friday deals in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Maryland, and Florida.

The following Black Friday Deals Are Valid on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st, 2019

Store hours on November 29th are 6 am to Midnight. Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 1st will be open during normal business hours.

Muscle & Joint Capsules – $19.99 for Black Friday 

Our Muscle & Joint Capsules have stayed one of our top sellers for months. They work well to help us find our balance when we overexert ourselves. The M&J capsules usually are $39.99, but we took 50% off to show appreciation for our customers.

Whole Bean Coffee – $9.99

Nothing works better to boost us up than a cup of coffee. Our mild roast coffee beans are sourced from Guatemala, and they are infused with CBD to create a cup of self-care. This product is ordinarily $29.99, but the holidays demand a convenient supply of coffee. So a 66% discount felt appropriate. 

Light It Up K-Cup Coffee – A Black Friday Deal at $9.99

Our Light It Up K-cups are a light-to-medium roast coffee sourced from Brazil. The K-cups are perfect for when you need a coffee quickly. The regular price was $16.99, but we dropped it down to $9.99 to match the coffee beans. 

Affinity Kratom – Now $14.99

We’re offering an 140 count bottle of Affinity Kratom at a reduced price of $14.99. If you have not tried Kratom before, jumping on this discount might be the right opportunity. Kratom is similar to CBD but comes from a tree in the Rubiaceae family. We get coffee from a plant in that same family

All Broad Spectrum Tinctures – Black Friday Deal

Our big sale features one of our most popular products. The broad spectrum tincture works exceptionally well because it activates the entourage effect—the cannabinoids working more efficiently together than apart—without any THC.

The options are:

  • 500mg was $49.99, now $19.99
  • 1000mg was $89.99, now $49.99
  • 2500mg was $149.99, now $69.99 

Join us on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st

While you are out shopping for Black Friday, we recommend stopping by one of our CBD Plus USA stores to find the right method of self-care for you. 

We test all of our hemp-derived products so that you know what you are buying. Navigate to our Labs page to find out more. CBD Plus USA carries a variety of all-natural, hemp-derived products. Our CBD exceeds the industry standard of quality as we produce carefully extracted, pesticide-free, and non-GMO products. For more information about our products, visit the Products page on our website. Also, follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our promotions.

Update: Due to popular demand, we have decided to extend our Black Friday CBD sale into Small Business Saturday and Sunday. All deals (except for Tennessee) are valid on November 29th, 30th and December 1st, 2019. Store hours on November 29th are 6 am to Midnight. Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 1st will be open during normal business hours.

Live your best life with CBD Plus USA!

The Right CBD Amount?

What is a proper CBD amount?

When deciding the right CBD amount, you might find it difficult resisting the urge of jumping in headfirst. At the very least, we have trouble for sure. When asking about CBD use, keep in mind no standard amount works for everyone. Newly acquainted users estimating the correct milligram count will find it tricky. First experiences often make or break your willingness in following through. Our foremost objective, especially for beginners, is managing expectations.

proper cbd amount

When consumed in high concentrations, CBD provides little to no undesired side effects. We can adjust the amount without having an unpleasant experience. 

Edibles, oils, and candy, oh my!

Edibles allow for easy control of the CBD amount. If you are looking for capsules, then always check with accurate supplement information and cannabinoid content listed on the label.

Now keep in mind that each person will require and desire different effects. What if a consumer finds themselves sensitive to THC and would rather avoid it?

What a good question and I have a good answer for you.

A study has observed CBD counteracting the adverse effects of THC. Another alternative, Choline alleviates the THC effects as well. If THC affects you too much, you have the option of using 500mg choline supplements for 30 days along with cannabis, increasing your chances of successfully managing psychoactive properties.

Benefits of THC and CBD?

Sure, you can benefit from an isolated compound like CBD or Cannabigerol (CBG). However, more well-rounded experiences come from a CBD to THC ratio. 

A product containing these two plant cannabinoids forms a pro-cooperation symbiotic-like balance, not unlike a Clownfish and an Anemone. Now the inner deep-sea diver/marine biologist in us all knows that the clownfish do not necessarily need the anemone, but still benefits from the protection offered by the organism. Much like the clownfish, CBD does not need THC. However, more significant efficacy only occurs when CBD combines with THC, promoting an entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect!

So why might this entourage of CBD and THC provide a more profound effect? Of all plant cannabinoids, THC is the only known carrier molecule. Carrier molecules are proteins that move materials through a cell membrane without expending energy—aiding in the binding of CBD and other plant cannabinoids to endogenous cannabinoid receptors. Because THC has that potential, full spectrum cannabis extracts tower over isolated cannabinoids as a choice. 

Of course, this insight leads us back to the most critical question: what ratio is the best for CBD products? 

We answer that a 1: 1 ratio is likely the most effective THC to CBD amount. But of course, everyone is different and may experience the best results from a 2: 1 or even a 3: 1. New users should consume high CBD to low THC ratios for the most measurable effects.