CBD 101: Terpenes

Before we delve too much into the science of CBD, we should cover the basics. One of the most important aspects of hemp cultivation are the terpenes.  

What Are Terpenes?

They are aromatic compounds found in many plants. In cannabis plants, they are produced in the trichomes. The trichomes house crucial compounds for hemp, including cannabinoids (such as CBD), flavonoids, and terpenes. Female hemp plants produce glandular trichomes, which are glands that look like small hairs or growths that protrude from the flowers and leaves. Hemp plants have them in spades. 

Terpenes’ Use for Plants

They play many roles in the lives of the plants that create them. Due to their bitter taste and strong odor, they serve as a deterrent against insects and some animals. Also, they help protect plants from strong winds and other environmental dangers such as fungal growth or UV rays. Some of them are even responsible for the pigmentation of flowers and fruit.


Terpenes’ Use for People

Additionally, terpenes have a myriad of uses for humans. If you can tell the difference between a coconut and a raspberry, your senses of smell and taste have detected terpenes. You can sense them in meals, fruits, flowers, and even cleaning products. Because of their distinctive aroma, they can form the base of many essential oils, frequently used in perfumery. Some traditional and naturalistic medicines feature the terpenes found in several plants.

Consider terpenes a connoisseurs’ approach to hemp, in the same way that a wine lover would consider the blackcurrant notes in a Chilean merlot versus the crisp citrus of an unoaked California chardonnay. New research has now shown that they significantly influence the flavor and smell of hemp flowers, but can also amp up, change, or lower the intensity of CBD.

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