Product Testing for Quality – Keeping You Informed

When you shop CBD, you must understand exactly what you are purchasing. Which you can do by looking through our CBD labs. Many untrustworthy businesses will gleefully sell an inferior product and claim it as legitimate.

Our production team has designed the manufacturing process for efficiency, producing high quality, hemp-derived CBD products at affordable prices.

That is why all of our products are third-party lab tested by ProVerde Labs and presented on this site for full transparency. Our goal is helping you to find the CBD product that fits you.

CBD Plus USA prides itself on focusing on both the in-store experience as well as the education guests need for utilizing their products to the fullest after they leave. Excellent, personalized customer service from local employees will guide customers through their buying experience, and regular follow up and loyalty programs will build relationships and strengthen brand loyalty.

Third Party CBD Labs

Third-party lab testing is an integral part of ensuring that the CBD products being purchased by consumers are safe. Transparent lab results impart a company’s integrity to all consumers. Knowing that your CBD provides the right benefits is the most important part of the transaction. To this end, we require several kinds of lab tests on cannabis products for the sake of safety and efficacy.

Correct formulations and accurate potency information maintain an ethical and trustworthy rapport with customers. With hemp products available everywhere, the confidence of a lab-tested potency profile will help drive sales and encourage recurring business.

You can find each of our labs on the products page. We are always reexamining our products, so check back often for the updated labs.