Colorado Cures Stasis

Available January 1

What is Stasis?

Starting on January 1st, we will launch our newest product line, Colorado Cures Stasis Powered by CalyFx.

This selection of Colorado Cures Stasis products includes pods, cartridges, and disposable pens, each one available in a variety of flavors. Stasis was designed in collaboration with CalyFx, opening the door to further third party vendor collaborations under the Stasis brand in the future.

Fat Soluble Products

The compounds in cannabis are fatty acids, and thus dissolve in fats. This process is the reason why MCT oil ranks among the most common CBD delivery methods. The body tends to store the fats it takes in for later, so choosing the right amount of fats required for CBD to dissolve and bind is critical. The end result of traditional lipophilic cannabis therapy is a consistent bank of CBD in the body’s fats.

Water Soluble Products

In contrast to our traditional lipophilic CBD products, Stasis products are water-soluble. Their effects are more comparable to standard breathable. The user feels the effects of CBD almost immediately, and then those effects drop off at a quicker rate. Instead of having to build up to a routine of taking CBD to get the full impact, the user can use our fast-acting Stasis products for their immediate health needs, such as anxiety attacks and pain from minor injuries.

The Stasis product line features a variety of different proprietary terpene blends in each flavor, individualizing every product as complementary for various lifestyle activities. For example, Stasis Sleep aids in helping the user relax, and Stasis Social helps keep the user active and in the moment.

The Colorado Cures Stasis powered by CalyFx product line will be launching on January 1st, 2020.

Why Stasis?

Colorado Cures Stasis is a newly developed product line that specifically focuses on the anticipated effects of each experience. Each new product will have a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes that can influence the overall feeling the users get. Colorado Cures Stasis is dedicated to providing a well thought out and premium experience.
These specific products use a pure full-spectrum CBD distillate and a blend of terpenes honed in to provide a specific experience. Stasis has eight different effects and is available to you and your customers in three forms: pods, cartridges, and disposable pens. Each effect has been tested by a third-party lab to ensure potency and purity of their products. With a sleek design and flavorful products, Stasis is an eye-catching brand.


Experience confidence and serenity in any social situation with this blend of terpenes and Full- Spectrum CBD distillate. Its soft floral notes may help you feel comfortable and at ease while maintaining your energy.


With a flavor similar to a shot of orange juice, this blend may leave you feeling alert and energized without delay! A perfect selection for anyone looking to keep their mind sharp throughout the day.


Enjoy an earthy and minty aroma that keeps the body and mind going. A fast-acting pick-me-up to keep exhaustion and discomfort at bay for the busy person on the go!


Add some excitement to your date night with something you both will enjoy. This unique terpene blend tastes like sensual flowers and spices that may get your blood pumping and keep your mood elevated and your body relaxed.


Using a bouquet of aroma, this vape may help you fight the urge to eat unhealthy options. With a fresh, floral, and earthy flavor, you may find it easier to make sensible choices about food and your personal lifestyle!


Relax after a stressful day with this sweet vape. Gentle notes of flower may offer you a soft blanket of calm while you binge-watch Netflix.


You may say goodbye to stiffness and discomfort when you use this vape! This terpene blend is best known for its ability to ease tensions, mentally and physically, with a taste similar to exotic spices.


You may not need to count sheep once you use this terpene blend! With gentle aromas of mint and flower, this vape may ease your body and mind and help you feel cozier when laying down for the night